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Who am I? Where am I going?

These two questions are the most difficult questions I’ve ever asked myself.

The answers are never twice the same. They can be similar. They depend on how I feel on that particular moment of my life. The most important thing is that they should point the direction I am giving to my life.

So, who am I?

I will try to answer with a sort of meditation I came up with.

Since hundreds of thousands years, when human being first appeared on this planet, on this tiny stone lost in a corner of the universe, since the night of times, he started to ask himself about the meaning of his life and existence, about who he was and what was his mission, about the meaning of the world around him.

In this search, sometimes consciously, sometimes not, he has been pushed towards his inside, realizing that the meaning did not seem to be in things themselves, but in whom was observing them. That he was part of this Meaning, he was part of a Project, of something heading ahead, whose Destiny was to evolve, get complex, grow.

I feel I am the heir of that hominid, that since the first reversibility spark of his conscience, started this path, hard, tiring, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes delayed or hindered, full of successes and failures; this path pushing him to get in touch with those deep unknown and often unfathomable parts of his conscience, and at the same time pushing him towards the comprehension of all the Existent, of his essence, of his completeness and uniqueness, of his perfection.

I feel I got a small touch of these profound spaces and this gives me the certainty, that not so long ago was just a suspect, that we are part of a Whole, we are inside this greater scope, leading us towards evolution.

We can then accompany this evolution, be part of it and try to accelerate it, or  go against it, trying to delay it.

I want to leave you with an allegory:

I feel I am the caretaker of the fire that our ancestors have ignited with that first spark, and I feel that this fire must be guarded, nurtured, fed, cared for, especially in dark times like the one we are going through as a species.

I want to take care of this fire.


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